Trumpet Lessons


Trumpet Lessons

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Mr. Shawn Prior offers individual lessons to students from ages 7 and up, all ability levels, working with you to unleash your talent and creativity!

Private instruction challenges students by encouraging them to think outside the box and to explore and experiment with different musical genres such as Jazz, Blues, and Orchestral, to name a few.

Each Trumpet lesson will incorporate instruction in the following:

  • Posture

  • Proper Breathing

  • Embouchure

  • Ear Training / Audiation

  • Articulation

  • Phrasing

  • Warm-ups / Fundamentals

The first lesson for individual Trumpet students is always an assessment. New students are to bring a piece they feel comfortable performing. After the first lesson, Mr. Prior will recommend a method book for the student to begin working with. All lessons will begin with a performance of the assigned repertoire from the week before, students must have the opportunity to practice at home between weekly lessons.