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Songwriting Lessons

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Whether you’re new to the songwriting process or an experienced songwriter, Maxfield Music can help you open your mind and discover new ways to express yourself. We teach a variety of songwriting processes, including how to study and approach language to your advantage, helping students take advantage of skills they have and develop new ones, such as word play, chord progression and melody and harmony development. 

Maxfield Music also offers co-writing services. Stuck on song you’re already writing? We can take your lyrics, sit at the piano to develop your melodies and songs via improvisation. This organic process allows the song to develop naturally and uninhibited, allowing students to think outside the box, while solidifying chord progressions and melody. This technique will continue until the student is happy with the results. The song is now ready for recording.


  • Maxfield Music can recommend recording studios, engineers, etc.
  • Onsite vocal recording assistance is $45 an hour plus travel time.
  • Travel time (same hourly rate as lesson fees) will be charged in addition to the regular lesson cost.