Maxfield Music Lesson Policy

Registration and Payment

Students are required to register for monthly lessons. Monthly lessons will be billed and provided; arrangements may be made for additional lessons. You will get an email giving you that option to continue about 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the next month. Please watch for these email communications.

The next month's lessons must be paid prior to the first lesson for the following month (e.g. Your last lesson is on Tuesday in February. Your payment for March is due on that Tuesday without exception). Your registration is not complete until payment has been arranged. Lessons will not be given until payment has been made.

Missed Lessons

Signing up for lessons means that Maxfield Music will be reserving a weekly time slot. Even if a student cannot attend a lesson, the teacher is still required to reserve their time slot. Students will be charged the complete number of lessons for which they registered, even if they do not attend them.

Each student will be allowed only one make-up lesson to be used in case of sickness, vacation, scheduling conflicts, etc. Make-ups will only be given if Maxfield Music has received proper notice of a student's absence. (Proper notification means at least 24 hour notice, except in the case of illness or emergency.) Scheduled make-up lessons that are missed by the student will bot be made up, and will not be refunded.

Make-up lessons are always given if the missed lesson is due to teacher absence or weather/building problems.

Please be aware that Maxfield Music is not expected to adjust lesson times to accommodate sports schedules, after-school activities, rehearsals, etc.

Holiday/Snow Days

The private lesson semester includes Thanksgiving and Christmas Break, as well as a Spring Break. Please check with Maxfield Music for possible revised schedules. Snow days will be announced via email and text. However, in case of inclement weather, please check with Maxfield Music to confirm whether or not our lesson is cancelled. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Maxfield Music at (585) 469-2979.