Rochester has been celebrated for having a vibrant music scene, and I love being part of this diverse and talented music community. I would like to inspire all of us to be more collaborative with and encouraging to the wealth of talent in our city. It is so important for all of us to support and take care of each. We should bring each other up, help showcase our individual talents and collaborate to bring music to the forefront of what would distinguish Rochester as not just the Flower City, but the city with talent, style, and music. Lots of music and arts.

Perhaps building on the local festival scene by creating a local music festival that features local talent only. I’m sure many of you struggled to find a way into a variety of music festivals here and were turned down because more nationally-recognized acts were desired. Let’s create our own. Perhaps creating an arts and music organization as a catalyst for networking and collaboration opportunities is the answer. Whatever sparks this collaboration movement, I’d like to cast my proverbial hat, and voice, into the ring and unite the talent we’re so proud of in this community.

I’d like to suggest the younger talent be invited to the table as well. Since founding Maxfield Music nearly 18 months ago, many of my students have asked me where they can find additional resources, information and performance opportunities that may help springboard their career. To date, the information in my arsenal is limited. Why is this the case? And is it the case for all musicians or just younger musicians? I think we can do better.

Would anyone be interested in meeting to discuss collaborating on a local arts and music foundation that would allow for communication, elevation and collaboration? I would be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to be involved in this endeavor.

Won’t you join Maxfield Music to help Raise the Level!